And from the ashes it has risen…

The idea to write a blog. I have considered it multiple times and scrapped the idea over and over. No longer! It’s time to get the thoughts from the back of my mind out of the shadows and into the blogosphere. I have too many things stored up here and it’s starting to get crowded… And awful noisy.

Now that the heavily clich├ęd intro is done, I will share a little about the mom behind the blog.

– I’m 25

– I’m married

– I have two boys

– I’m quite the quiet feminist

– I work amongst yuppies (and am sadly on the verge of joining their ranks)

– My family is crazy

– Keeping in mind that my family is crazy, I swear everything I will tell you is true (despite how unbelievable it will seem at times)

In the spirit of new beginnings, I offer a resolution. I aim to write more than this one post. I may have a theme or random rants, raves, and ramblings. I enjoy dry humor and a little snark. I try to keep things simple, but sometimes my life is hard. I won’t whine, but I may bitch (there is a difference!). So welcome to my blog and I look forward to whatever will come of this endeavor.